"A lot of problems in the world would disappear if we talk to each other instead of talking about each other."
No dream is too big, and no dreamer too small.

No dream is too big, and no dreamer too small.

"Tak peduli berapa jauh jalan salah yang anda jalani, putar arah sekarang juga. -Rhenald Kasali Ph.D"

Politik di Indonesia membuat orang yang awalnya baik jadi rusak, dan yang dasarnya rusak makin berkembang bakatnya.

Yang ga menggunakan hak pilih disebut Golongan Putih. Jadi yang pada nyoblos itu disebut Golongan Hitam.

"Politik adalah seni meraup dana dari orang kaya, meraih suara dari orang miskin, kemudian mengadu domba keduanya."
"Harta terbesar adalah “cukup”."
"To be irreplaceable one must be different."


The Atala, a butterfly once considered extinct 

Eumaeus atala (Lycaenidae) was once considered extinct but a few small colonies are now known to exist as residents of North America only in the most southern part of Florida. It ranges to the Bahamas, where there are larger colonies, Cuba and the Isle of Pines.Habitats are subtropical brushy areas and hammocks, mostly in pinelands.

Host plants are restricted to a small number of shrubby, fernlike and poisonous Zambia species (Cycadacae). Eggs are laid on the host plant in clutches with usually a dozen, but up to 50 eggs per clutch.

The atala is a great example of aposematic (warning) coloration throughout its life cycle. The brightly colored larva or caterpillar feeds on cycads which contain a toxic secondary plant chemical (“cycasin”) which it retains in its body for life. Birds, lizards, and other animals may attempt to prey on the larva, pupa, and adults, but find them distasteful and learn to avoid these brightly patterned insects. 

Photo credit: Top - ©Muse | Bottom - ©Queerbubbles


"Setia pada mimpi, adalah separuh perjalanan menuju sukses."
Gio Idol